Hollywood Smile and Veneers


Veneers are wafer thin porcelain shells which are placed on the front of the tooth's surface to make their appearance better and create a more beautiful smile. Dental veneers are used if the teeth are discoloured, worn down, broken, or uneven. Gaps between the teeth are also corrected with the help of dental veneers. Veneers last for five to ten years after which they need to be replaced.

Pre Procedure Suggestions

Veneers are a very good option to bring that fresh and bright smile on your face, but everyone cannot go for this procedure. Here are the reasons that your dentist might give you, for not doing it:

  • If you have tooth decay, get it right first

  • If a tooth has less enamel left, it can't hold the veneer

  • If you have a bad habit of grinding your teeth, you must not go for veneers


Putting on veneers is a three step process and your dentist will give you three different dates for each of them.

  • The first visit is for consultation where the dentist will make sure if veneers are right for you at all. He will possibly take X-rays to make sure if putting on veneers is the best choice for you

  • At the second visit, the dentist will remove a small portion of your tooth enamel (about half a millimetre of the tooth's surface). Later your teeth impressions will be taken so that the veneers are custom fit

  • After a few days, you will have to come for your final appointment. On this day, first the veneers will be just placed on your teeth to assure you that they are perfectly fit. Once the dentist is sure that these veneers are right for you, he will bond them with your teeth. In the bonding process, the veneers are first cleaned and polished and then permanently bonded with your teeth with a type of special cement

Post procedure suggestions

You will have to keep in mind that after the veneers are done, they can’t be removed. So this dental procedure is irreversible. Furthermore, you will have to take great care of your teeth as discussed below.

  • After the whole procedure, you will have to keep away from teeth staining foods like coffee and wine.

  • You will have to maintain a healthy oral hygiene. Brushing twice daily, using fluoride mouthwashes and flossing everyday will keep your veneers in the best condition.

  • Do not bite hard things like your finger nails or ice. Avoid opening bottles with your veneers.

  • If somehow the veneer gets chipped off, replace it immediately as a cavity can be developed under it.

  • After a week, visit the dental clinic again for a follow up. The dentist will check if your mouth is reacting normally to the veneers.

Veneers in Dubai

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