Dental Fillings

Dental Filling

Also, referred to as the dental restoration, dental fillings are used to restore the damaged tooth to prevent further decay. Dentists recommend a filling when tooth pain emerges from a tooth cavity.

Dentists at Nagem Clinic first analyse the extent of decay, remove it and then clean the affected area. Once the area is cleared, the cavity is filled with the filling material. There are several types of material used for filling a cavity. Most common of them are porcelain, composite, gold or silver. However, the fillings used at Nagem Dental Clinic are composite fillings. Composite fillings are versatile and can be matched to the colour of your teeth so as to make them look natural.

 Dental Filling Procedure

  • A jelly-like substance is applied on gums, teeth and surrounding area and then anaesthesia is injected to completely numb it

  • Our dentist clears the affected area and drills out the decay from the affected teeth

  • Etching gel with a tooth conditioner is placed on the exposed area of teeth

  • Application of bonding agent on the affected area is done and then it is exposed to light

  • The cavity is filled with the composite filling which is of the same colour as your teeth and the area is again exposed to a curing light

  • Finally, our dentists will trim and shape the composite to give it a more natural look

In most of the cases, the above procedure is employed for filling. However, if decay has affected a large portion of a tooth, a crown may be required. Also, if the decay has spread to the nerve, the root canal will be required.